Titus Ssekawe Ministries’ mission is to re-fuel all believers and to bring the lost to Jesus Christ through preaching the undiluted word of truth based in the Holy Bible and to encourage the oppressed and broken-hearted by showing them the unfailing love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your generosity enables us to preach boldly the truth of God’s Word, Together with our partner, Titus Ssekawe Ministries reaches many communities through the Gospel of Jesus Christ even where we are expected to reach.






Is to reach the for corners of the world with the truthful and uncompromised word of God, and to release the captives free from the prison of the devil through using the five gifts given by the Spirit of God.


Is to establish people’s personal relationship with God through relighting and sanctifying their souls by the supernatural power in the word of God, in order to see their way of coming to Jesus Christ!

Titus Ssekawe ministries
Kampala Uganda, Lubaga division
Kasubi – Royal Palace
+256 708116181